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What 30A Florida has to offer

Florida is one of the top destinations of tourists in United States because of it amazing beaches especially during winter and spring break. One of the beach communities here is 30A. 30A Florida composes of beach towns along South Walton County, Florida. Discover and explore the best beaches in the town.

Rosemary Beach Florida

If you are looking for the perfect beach in your vacation, then Rosemary beach is one of the best choices. It is one once referred by CNN as one of the most romantic beach towns in America. Definitely, this place will draw your feet into a stroll that you wouldn’t forget throughout your life. Along the beach are brick sideways and green lawns and then you can enjoy the sunset by sitting on its sugar-white sand. You would also love to stare the architecture with the touch of French Quarter-style among the homes and the community establishment. Basically, the community is covered with intimacy and happiness.

It also filled with awesome shops full of local treasures and handmade crafts. And most of all, you are going to be impressed on their restaurants which offers very creative menu and one-of-a-kind flavors with fresh products from the farms. This is the perfect, romantic getaway that you wouldn’t regret to have.

Alys Beach Florida

Fall in love with dramatic and luxurious community. You definitely love getting a relaxation activity with its striking palm trees, wide green spaces and very accommodating walkways. Breathe-taking scenarios, the soothing aroma from the coffee shops, the huge and wonderful swimming pool and two big restaurants make Alys beach one of the most visited towns in Florida.

This beach own has been developed and crafted carefully particularly on the artistry, sustainability and walk-ability of the place. This then resulted into an inviting beach which portrays natural and architectural beauty.

Santa Rosa Beach Florida

This luxurious beach town has been founded in 1910. But then, this place doesn’t impose the image of the past but rather one of the most-praised beaches in Florida. It is once named by Yahoo as one of the “10 best beach destination for 2011”. Its unlimited water adventures with “lapping wave yet cool sand” makes it one of the most well-visited location in Florida state. You will love to touch and try kayaking on the Choctawhatchee Bay.

Seaside Florida

Referred as one of the “Best beaches on Earth” by Travel + Leisure magazine, this place must have been a beautiful place to stay with. With its community bounded by family-oriented values and sense of fun, it will make your vacation unforgettable.

Watercolor Florida

Its natural beauty and preserved resources features 500-acre wonderful views. This is the place where world class restaurants and shops can be found and more particularly on the landscape of the area. Aside from that, you would love to try the outdoor and indoor activities that it offers.

Be amazed on the cosy resorts and quiet cottages that offer tranquillity or shift on the busy city of the beautiful city of 30A Florida.

To check out more about Florida Scenic 30A visit here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Florida_State_Road_30A

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