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Among the many scenic beauties of Florida, the 30A Highway which stretches 28.5 miles is an outstandingly beautiful strip. Hugging the Gulf of Mexico coastline in North-West Florida’s Walton country, this strip of coast is a tourist attraction for its many beautiful scenery along the way. Sand beaches and dune lakes are combined with beautiful residential areas which sport houses of beautiful traditional architecture. The scenic 30A Highway has its own beauty that you will not find anywhere else and that is exactly why you must not miss a chance to spend your vacation there.

The coastal highway strip is a trove for 30A vacation rentals which are head-to-head on the value for money services they provide. Each venue is beautiful in a way unique to its own self and the facilities that come with the rentals are unmatchable. It is a difficult task to pick one out of these as all of them are scenic and beautiful in their own way. The white sand beaches on 30A are the most prominent feature of this strip. The Gulf of Mexico consists of white sand beaches which are breath-taking in person combined with coastal lakes, sand dunes and marshes. The native plants and animals are another feature that contributes to 30A Florida being a tourist attraction. Some of the prominent attractions are as follows.

More about the area 30A vacation rentals are located

There are different types of oak which range from live oaks which are centuries old to many-trunked scrub oaks which can be found in Old Grayton beach and Eden State Gardens. Slash pines, white blooms and sand pine are some of the other flora that can be found in this area. 30A vacation rentals will have the sand pine and its special as they do not grow in any other place in the world except the Gulf Coast and hence is an important feature of this strip. Goldenrod, woody goldenrod and golden asters and camphorweed are some of the flowering plants that create a sea of gold on the roadsides along the way. The sight it creates is breathtaking and you surely would not want to miss out on it.

The beaches on scenic 30A are the most enchanted places of all and there are 11 beach communities. All of these beaches are certified as Blue Wave beaches and approved by Good Housekeeping Seal for cleanliness and safety. Many measures are taken to preserve and safeguard the beaches as no dredging and filling are allowed. There are beautiful sand dunes which rise 25 feet above sea level which are created by sea oat grasses and coastal scrub vegetation trapping the sugar sands. If you’re staying in the Seaside vacation rentals area in Seaside, FL you’ll be sure to see these sand dunes. Many endangered species are found such as herons, egrets, white-tailed deer, fox, coyote, raccoon and gopher tortoises. Pretty cool reason as to why this is a unique setting for 30A vacation rentals.

30A is a great rental location for the perfect vacation in Florida

If you want to spend your vacation enjoying the beauty of this beautiful beach town highway strip, making it a memorable vacation full of enjoyment and learning for the whole family, you must check out the rentals in the area and make sure to spend your vacation in one and make your dream of a coastal adventure come true.